It might sound something of a contradiction. But despite growing up with a dance and stage background, I have never really been one to push myself forward or seek the limelight in any way. That remains the case to this day. But over the years, as I related my story from time to time, people would often encourage me to put pen to paper with a view to allowing others to see what it was I had to say. It took me the best part of two decades to find the courage to heed their advice. Whether or not these people were right to spur me on is of course for others to decide. What I am trying to say, I guess, is that I hope I have done a good job and that you will enjoy the read.

Whatever the case it’s been wonderful revisiting my South African and Iranian days although, like many things in life, delving into the past brings with it both risks and rewards, as memories are aroused from their slumber and dormant feelings likewise are brought back to the fore.

Of course my life does not grind to a halt in 1982 - after all, that was some thirty years ago - so it goes without saying that much has happened since. But the book does indeed stop at that date on the grounds that that is where my Iranian adventure more or less comes to a close. I am really hoping, however, that readers will see that the issues addressed in the book - notably relationships between Muslims and Jews - are very much alive and kicking and relevant to the world of today. More so now, in fact, than ever. But because of the distinctly unpleasant nature of the current regime in Iran I have altered the names of some people with a view to protecting their true identity.

There are many people I would like to thank for their help and encouragement in seeing to it that this book eventually came to see the light of day. The key players will know who they are and would, I think, shy away from being identified or thanked in any way. Still, there are so many people who helped me that rather than list the precise nature of their assistance I am simply going to record my gratitude to them all. And alphabetically to boot. So its an enormous thank you to Mike Adamson, Soheila Ardalan, Tim Barlass, Ted Belman, Sylvia Bordan, Jack Bordan, Professor Goel Cohen, Joelle Cohen, Natalie Conway, Ora Cummings, Peter Eftemeijer, Chaya Grodner, Professor Israel Finkelstein, Sheila Frank, Martine Halban, Peter Halban, Gerald Jacobs, Gabrielle Johnson, Sylvia Josephs, Jackie Jurke, Fran Kaufmann, Jeffrey Kaiser, Jeff Lewis, Andrew Lownie, Jonathan Margolis, Janet Matricciani, Naji Mrad, Ruth Pevsner, Zippy Porath, Professor Karen Ritchie, Andrew Roberts, Jeremy Robson, Robert Rosenstone, Howard Rotberg, Robert Smith, Lord Steel, Anna Swan, Joshua Tallent, Andria Valentini, Professor Jonathan Waxman and Martin Weitz. I am enormously grateful to you all.

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